Mens Hostel

Hostel Rules and Regulations

  1. The college provides shared room accommodation to students (both boys and girls) admitted in the M.B.B.S. in the separately built Boys and Girls Hostels in its campus. 
  2. Students desirous of having hostel accommodation should submit applications alongwith proof of present residence on the prescribed form to the Hostel Office.Rooms will be allotted on priority basis. 
  3. Every resident is responsible for the care of room allotted to him/her and the furniture provided therein (Table, Chair, Bed without mattress and Teepai). No furniture item is allowed to be removed from or additional furniture brought in the hostel without the prior permission of the Warden in writing. In case of damage, the resident is supposed to inform the Warden, in writing. A resident may be charged for damage and loss of any such item. 
  4. No resident is permitted to shift from the room allotted to any other room in the Hostel. 
  5. In order to safeguard against thefts, residents are required to use good locks. Residents should not keep costly items, like jewellery, electronic items (DVD player, music system, camera and television, etc.) in their rooms. 
  6. In case of interns, the room will have to be vacated within a week from the date of completion of the internship. The interns shall have to surrender the rooms 12 months after completion of final profession examination. In the event of non-completion of internship due to personal reason, hostel facility shall not be provided. 
  7. Residents shall not be allowed to engage any person for service of any kind, personal or otherwise. 
  8. No mess bearer or any other Hostel/Mess employee should be asked to do personal work by any resident. 
  9. Residents should pay all their dues and submit the Hostel Leaving Form in the Hostel Office before getting a Clearance Certificate at the time of leaving the Hostel.
  10. No resident shall be allowed to keep a guest in guest room unless he/she himself/ herself is present in the hostel. 
  11. a)      Every resident must inform in writing to the Warden about his/her absence from the hostel if he/she stays out for more than 24 hours. One should also leave the address at which he/she could be contacted if necessary. This rule should also be followed when residents leave the hostel during vacation. For providing information about leaving the hostel, a register will be available with the Security Staff and accordingly entries should be made. 
    b) All residents are expected to be back in the Hostel latest by 10:00 p.m. 
  12. The Use of alcoholic drinks or intoxicating material is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Strict disciplinary action amounting to even expulsion from the hostel/college shall be taken against those violating the rule. 
  13. a)    No resident will be allowed to use electrical bulbs of more than 100 Watts. 
    b) The resident should not temper with electrical installation provided in rooms or in the premises of the hostel. 
    c) On detection of misuse of electrical installation in the room or in the hostel, disciplinary action will be taken against the resident. 
  14. Any case of illness should immediately be reported to the Warden. 
  15. No resident is allowed to collect any kind of fund from hostellers without prior written permission from Warden/Principal. 
  16. The residents of the hostel are not permitted to hold any kind of meetings in the hostel premises. However, for such activities, prior permission may be obtained from the Warden/Provost/Principal, in writing. 
  17. Each student should get an Identity Card from the hostel office. One recent passport size photograph is to be submitted for the purpose along with the admission form. 
  18. a) The resident will be under the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Principal of the college and such other authorities who may be vested with the authority to exercise discipline under the Act, the Statues, the Ordinances and the Rules framed by the University. 
    b) A resident who violates any of these rules (existing in the hostel or the university) or creates disturbances in the hostel, is liable to disciplinary action by the Warden/ Provost/Principal. 
  19. The College authorities reserve the right to alter or revise any of the hostel rules at any time.

Mess Facility

  1. The Hostel Mess is run by the residents of the Hostel on ‘no profit, no loss’ basis according the rules laid down for the purpose and under the supervision of the Warden. 
  2. Smoking in the dining hall is prohibited. 
  3. a) Food will not be served outside the dining hall to resident or their guests. In case of illness, the residents may be served food in their rooms with prior permission of the Warden. 
    b) The following timings are observed for the dining hall facilities:

Breakfast 7:30 to 9:00 a.m.
Lunch 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Evening Tea 5:15 to 5:45 p.m.
Dinner 8:00 to 9:00 p.m.

23. To claim the rebate, the resident is supposed to inform in writing in the Rebate Form about the dates of his/her leaving and the tentative date of return.

Common Room Facility :

Are available for viewing TV and reading newspapers

Hostel Fees and Annual Charges

After submitting the fees and annual charges, if a student decides not to avail the hostel facility in the same month in which the fees and other charges are paid, one is entitled to get a refund of Caution Money only. Annual charges and mess fee are not refundable. However, one may claim rebate on mess fee for the period in which the mess facility is not availed as laid down in preceeding paras.

All Hostel dues are payable in advance by the 15th of every month without fine. A fine of will be charged from 16th

Specifications Of The Details

For The Hostel Facilities Undergraduate Boys Hostel



  • The old block of the Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical college  which accommodates ready 140 students, is located in a serene environment, away from the loud noisy areas of the city.
  • The foundation stone was laid by the then Honorable Chief Minister, SELVI. J. JAYALALITHA, on 7th MARCH, 1993.
  • No. of rooms = 81.
  • Students accommodated = First year MBBS
    Second year MBBS – Senior
    Final MBBS – PART I
    Final MBBS - PART II

Recreation Facilities:

  • The old block has TWO COLOUR TELEVISIONS – one  40” LED, another 23” colour TV at Recreation Hall and Mess respectively.
  • It also has well equipped GYM-CABIN for the physical fitness of the students.
  • Well – lighted Indoor Badminton Court, and Table – Tennis Court provided.
  • TWO COMPUTERS are provided with 24 hours Internet facilities along with printing and scanning amenities.

Mess Facilities

  • The block contains well equipped, modern mess with best kitchen modalities, and seating arrangements.
  • Mess is governed by the students, on dividing basis.

Hostel Administration

  • The hostel runs dedicately towards the welfare of the students, under the supervision of the following :
  • Respected Dean of the college
  • The Vice principal
  • The Chief warden
  • The Deputy warden
  • The hostel administration maintains six secretaries for the proper running of the hostel.
  • The General secretary
  • The Mess secretary
  • The Health secretary
  • The Stores secretary
  • The Recreation secretary
  • The Computer secretary

Water Facilities

  • Drinking water is provided through three ozonized, UV treated water cooling systems at every floor.
  • No. of overhead tanks = 2 (each with 20,000 litres capacity)


  • The new block of this hostel, which accommodates nearly 50 students, is located just adjacent to the old block.
  • The foundation stone was laid by the then Honorable Chief Minister SELVI. J. JAYALALITHA, on 22nd July, 2002.
  • No. of rooms = 20.
  • Students accommodated = SECOND YEAR MBBS JUNIOR
  • The block is provided with a TV HALL – of 32” INCH COLOUR MONITOR.
  • It lodges a well lighted, ventilated and equipped LIBRARY with generator facility – for the welfare of students.
  • It also homes for a newly constructed GUEST ROOM – AIR CONDITIONED, which is useful for all guests, visiting the hostel.
  • No. of overhead tanks = 4 (each with 5000L capacity)